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Promotions February 13th

Thank You All For Coming To The Invasion of Frosty

As we promised, everyone who attended the event will be promoted on the Ranks Page 

Fill out the form below in the comments section to be Promoted

1. What is your Club Penguin Online username?

      2. What is your discord username?

      3. Did you attend the event and follow all orders?

     4. What is your current rank in the Doritos Army?

Note: This promotion does not apply to those who are Head Colonel and above.

Ranks Page: https://thedoritosofcp.wordpress.com/ranks-2/

-Meerrkat Doritos Leader.

27 Responses

  1. 1. semolinos
    2. CeCe_31
    3. YESS
    4. 3ic

  2. 1. Lelejones
    2. Lele#7760
    3. Yes
    4. Head Colonel

  3. CozeX

  4. 1. Kanzu20
    2. Kanzu20 (Scylla)
    3. Yes, we beat them up
    4. Third in command

  5. LegendChrome
    Yes, i did lol

  6. Incomplnam
    Yes and yes
    lieutenant general

  7. 1.) Cindy41700

    2.) Cindy41700 #1880

    3.) Yes

    4.) Major

  8. 1, papaluigi420
    2, Ave
    3, Yes
    4, Lieutenant

    Thank you!

  9. 1. What is your Club Penguin Online username? ds45

    2. What is your discord username? ds pizza#4246

    3. Did you attend the event and follow all orders? Yes!

    4. What is your current rank in the Doritos Army? Warrant Officer

  10. 1 Donalddup
    2Johnny nickname:Johnny (aloy and 42’s kids)

  11. 1: kidgamer534
    2: pooppoop
    3: Yes
    Note: lagged too bad to be in berg or stadium or stuff.

  12. 1. Meggxox
    2. Meggxox
    3. Yes I did
    4. Admiral

  13. Cpo: Amyy19. Discord: Amy yes I did!! Rank: Lieutenant General

  14. 1.) TheOGJay
    2.) TheOGJay
    3.) Yes I had so much fun
    4.) Warrant Officer

  15. 1 aivysaur
    2 aivyuhhaha
    3 yes
    4 not sure, just joined

  16. Cpo: amanda415. Discord:itsjust_amanda yes i did!! Rank: head colonel

  17. Krew Fan\ DustinHendersonST\ Yes\ Warrent Officer\

  18. CPO Name: cloaksy
    Discord Username: KingCloaksy#8211
    Yes I attended the event and followed all orders
    Current Rank: Doritos Private

  19. 1. PeterStark22
    2. PeterStark22
    3. Yes and Yes
    4. I was just added today so I dont know what that means

  20. 1. Otitug
    2. My discord nickname is “! Otitug#8733”
    3. Yes!!
    4. I’m Sergeant

  21. 1. AnitoDevi
    2. DO YOU KNOW DA WAE#5619
    3. Yes
    4. Private

  22. 1. My CPO username is Dangerous 13.
    2. My discord username is That_Idiot.
    3. I did attend the event and I followed all the orders.
    4. My current rank is admiral.

  23. 1Borgini
    4Doritos Private


  25. 1.) TheOGJay
    2.) TheOGJay
    3.) Yes
    4.) Warrant Officer

  26. CPO USER- XDoolinX
    Discord- ShortAsianGorl or Dyl 🖤 [Trial Mod] [ DJ ]
    Yes, I attended and followed orders!
    Current rank- Trial Moderator 🖤

  27. 1.ULNinja

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