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    We were the strongest army in Club Penguin army history. We were created on February 8, 2010 by Wwebestfan, and we lived strong all the way until Club Penguins closure. We’ve fought the hardest battles, and always came out on top.

    We have done the impossible, and we were always known for standing up for what was right, even if stood alone.

    Thank you for showing your interest in our legacy

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Welcome to the Ranks Page of the official Doritos army of Club Penguin! We are a very large army. If you would like to join us, please go to the Join Page now. Thank you for joining, and have a nice time in DCP!

*How to find your rank*

  • For Windows Users: Hold down the “Ctrl” key and then press “F” on your keyboard. This opens a Find window. Type in your Club Penguin name (the one on the ranks). Click the “Next” button if necessary. It should highlight your name on the ranks. Then just check what rank you are listed under.
  • For Mac Users: Hold down the Apple/Command key and then press “F” on your keyboard. This opens a Find window. Type in your Club Penguin name (the one on the ranks). Click the “Next” button if necessary. It should highlight your name on the ranks. Then just check what rank you are listed under.


  • For Owners/Main Owners: Your job is to recruit as much as you can whenever you’re on chat. The more you recruit, the more people join DCP!
  • For Moderators/Members: Come to all events and be active and you will surely receive a promotion. If you feel you have done this and want to have a promotion, PC an owner on chat and they will decide whether you should/shouldn’t receive a promotion.



Purple = Main Leader

Red = US

Blue = UK

Green = AUSIA


Mustapha10, 32op, Elvis, Vivala, Rex Tillerson, Gingersnap, Brad



 4207b, CSY, Bay

 Rahaima, Wassim, Zire, Tootsie, Browniey

[If moderators do not show up for events, they will be given a warning. If it continues, they will have their moderator rank on chat taken away until they start coming to events.]

Chriss, Fireworkw, Harout, Lovely


Bartjester, Bubbles, Chevsta, M0096, NatyCupcake

Beheybanana6, Incomplnam, Jeff, Kanzu20, Nelemonade, Sweater, TheDarkCoder, ArticzKai, XLR8

aggiepie, Ghowuff, Mar, Zoroark1089, Aquarilo, boomie, Jud, Tahmid, eunb, NoThisIsPatrick, Valentina98o0, MJ (Hecate), RGMsRogue, CPPlayer112, APPLE6683, peachy puffy, Aubrey, cfin (Perseus), Mtngoatmilou, Sherlock Holmes, ᴳᵒᵈAlexツ, Briezy05 [CHEESE FISH], ArtistKankles, Aloy0219 (Helen of Troy), Matt_hoe2805, IceRaptore16, TheDarkCoder, ᖴᖇOᘔY, claws21, rosy, WoodyBus2033399, Lele, CeCe_31, Rozozo, Kanzu20 (Cerberus), White Supremacist, HeyI’mDiamond, mercyphd, <><, Luna., Farley128

avghal, YT | ApoRaven | Chill, squishxxx, Coolguy, KrekerInGaming ITA, APrinter, cubby18, a он яйцо

Triple__C (Scorn the Dragon King, Noob (Morpheus) [Mythical’s fav], Danny., Elmie, ilmeoli, Ilhan6619, cwampler, Plumfir, mechablade, spritz, MultiFanKirby, XPlaysDoesYT,Black Tutu2, petaleclipse, ToniTovar, Jaden Stevan

rika,Alex da axolotl, Manny Heffley, Morganplay7, metavibes, 38babyjay, freshoranges1, bkh, Ford Escape, NYCPink123, ULNinja, BunnyMei, taycsdadancer, bassproshop, 10freckles

Nellie, mcluvin, vic97, BFE, DonaldDoritz[Yoda], hoi, EnchantedOwl, katsumikuran, chance!, JayCP, amelie, DankOnline, Dana S., Maskachess, the noob, breezymo, BirdsRock001,That_Idiot, RubberDncky, pooppoop,  heavenwind, osm70

Tami8, Lady Lupine, Elizagamergirl, ramenene!1!1, Finessa, Eddie Richardson, embopG, Clarahbobarah, [KFC]DinoBeast, alou_martin, ZeeTheMeme, your boy, Istasecret1, katsumikuran, noahc3, Sakura, imlemon, Layerz, sophielou1,⋆ Hiba ⋆, Sergeant Sam, 123q123qsal, bellakyu, KylenKylen, COCO, snaylee

tayler, Lord Sans, Eggman4Smash, <TimpaFFS><, Aaron_(im gay), Pooh1539, Mythical, Williamormous, Novalol, emmadelta, chippy, Aaron / Fishhavefun, hunkules, Spaghitti, Felipe uwu, FrenchfryQ, selin, CandyLove, frenchkr, FuzzyMoose, EFC Panda, Kharn, bigslavo, DivineKidz, Ryan2002, Berkann, Soran [DCP], PopRocksXD, reckyu, nimplicious, awkward.percussionist, cooltoon101, Coco, spookyshiaa, wizo21, DaddySquidward-Mr.SWAG, Ritzonite, hermione321 :sunflower:, MrGrae, Reborn Freeman, 22will22, jnanns26, ava, impeached, Jonhattan, daddy harlow., RogueMinato

lunaluvgood1, Mattscrack, giraffo, lydia#1999 bbeellaa44, chlamydiia, AAAAAAA, Ronnie, JermTehWerm, KingNateM8, coolgirl58, Bp, chickenswaifu, darth jar jar, blink.4.life, Mr. Raptor, Luthman, Yeetmymeat, Sharkymini, Maeflower, maya mayesi, goober, Nagrom, Shadow Dragon, pinkyjo024, Nisreen, Artemis Rose, Timo, olivia the cloud, Satan, MadDogQS (DCP), alie <3, Cars, Kirstin6619, juney, haley., Maika, DoggosRule, cakiegames, christenj0, Izzy, Super Hayden, J3llybear08, CandyLove, OdalgardCPO YT (Odalgard On CPO), Mlevarts, Beanscum, James_R, enoza, LOVEPENS, GrinchStarlight, Emmamarie23, ogpenguin561, Rain09 09, Lobato26, DivineKidz, L0nko, cp lover 2011, NachoCheeseSide, ayyub28, Blurpleboy456, Birdee, alaska143, GannonBrown, Cannie40, Dobby2211, lujancitaa1212, cookieboy19, Magnitudez, jc.188, abbeylane, E D U N G 4 M E R, measure, Hockey (coors light enthusiast), nimplicious, BlairBear864, Aly, Bezz2525, kraZeSpacelevinerd, katie, Officialgamer21, cooltoon101, MrPigface, msko24, baileystads, abbey, Paulaa, DICE, xythenaa, Elisha, sandezz, ShaneK, lizé, woterbotle, ariana.clipsss, gothbaby :bat:, velcrosandals, ICarly117, littletori, diana, Bear|Bear, elisha 2010, MauFM, Splinter, jnanns26, IMOR5434, beautygirl_, Kevin Is Nice, Esil, mrs snugglie, DaGiantPickle, pappadaddy, rufus, Eren548, RogueMinato


 !Max, Gloria, 38babyjay, a siri, Agentchase66, Ahmedd, Alex0108, Ali6nn, Aliana, Almond milk, Aloy0219, Amatsukaze, Ameirya, Andy209, Angel1699883, Anonimobb, Apple6683, AquariusBby, Arianababy, Arthurasty05, ArtistKankles, AsianChelmito, Avani, Averiah, AvsFan2004, Bachendorfs, Beanscum, Big Mike, Black Tutu2, Blox, Boyamerger, Brookie, BrooshGoesWoosh, Clarahbobarah, Complainer, Coolnoodle, CrummyMaster, Cute_Potato!, Daani, Dallas, Daniel Tejada, Dekugodmode, Dest, Devandryan, Eden, Finessa, Flamez, Frank, Frosty1133, HamzatPB, HippieFRESH, HMM, James103903, JoelSouthPole, Jonhattan, Jupiter, Kailey, KateDoggo, Kris, KSI, Lapis Lazuli, Lights, Lillipup21, Mao, Meme_lord, Mirages decoy, Nate4321, PinballSavvy, Qwerty1015, Reagan, Roli, Rythm, Safefire, Sammmullins, Snowyevening, Sophie, Space Trash, Spritz, SummerRedstone, Sunset101, Taran, The Noob, Thicc, Timza, Wet Fartz, Yayuiwu, Zaidimai, Evangelica, Miinigun, Sebastian

Everyone who has sent a join application AUTOMATICALLY receives the rank of ”Private”. You must attend our battles if you want to get promoted and move up to the Moderator rank (they have the ability to kick and ban other troops)


Wwebestfan & Epic101

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