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Promotions January 6th

Thank You All For Coming To The Defense of Frosty.

As we promised, everyone who attended the event will be promoted on the Ranks Page 

Fill out the form below in the comments section to be Promoted

  1. What is your Club Penguin Online username?

  2. What is your discord username?

  3. Did you attend the event and follow all of the orders?

  4. What is your current rank in the Doritos Army?

Note: This promotion does not apply to those who are Head Colonel and above.

Ranks Page: https://thedoritosofcp.wordpress.com/ranks-2/

-32op Doritos Leader & Legend


37 Responses

  1. x waddle

  2. 1. peachy puffy
    2. peachy puffy#1400
    3. Yes I attended event and followed orders.
    4. Colonel

  3. Valentina98o

  4. LPG224
    LPG224 “Lamp” [Mustapha’s Fav]
    Yes I did
    3 IC

  5. 1. JudJud7
    2. Jud#2626
    3. Yes
    4. Warrant Officer

  6. 1. M0096
    2. M0096#3776
    3. Yes
    4. Lieutenant General

    Frosty is our forever!

  7. 1. chevsta
    2. chevsta
    3. yes
    4. Head General

  8. 1. Derya Hs
    2. Luna.
    3. Yes ofc
    4. Lieutenant colonel

  9. 1. aggiepie
    2. aggiepie
    3. Yes
    4. Captain

  10. CPO: dinotroll123
    Discord: frenchkr

  11. 1. CPO Username: Orange213
    2. Discord: Lovelyx3 #4578
    3. I was able to do all the commands and tactics and I attended the event.
    4. Current Rank: 4th in command


  12. 1. What is your Club Penguin Online username?: Real4207b

    2. What is your discord username?: culminatiσns#0666

    3. Did you attend the event and follow all of the orders?: Yes

    4. What is your current rank in the Doritos Army?: 3rd in Command (3ic)

  13. 1. Kanzu20
    2. Kanzu20
    3. Of course i did, it was amazing!!!
    4. Lieutenant

  14. 1. DiaMisty.
    2. HeyI’mDiamond.
    3. Yes.
    4. Head Colonel.

  15. 1. semolinos
    2. CeCe_31
    3.yes I did
    4. Major

  16. 1. Zoroark1089
    2. Zoroark1089#3753
    3. Yes
    4. Colonel

  17. 1.rahaima
    2. Rahaima
    3. Yes! I arrived and did all the tactics!!
    4. Fourth in Command

  18. 1. Coolcorrin05
    2. XLR8
    3. Yes and yes
    4. Lieutenant General

  19. 1: Briezy05
    2: Briezy05 [Cheese Fish]
    3: Definitely
    4: Head Colonel

  20. Club Penguin Online Usernamee: Browniieyy

    Discord Username: Browniieyy

    Yes I attend the event and follow all of the orders.

    My current rank in the Doritos Army is Fourth-in-Command.

  21. Username CPO: XDoolinX
    Discord: NoThisIsPatrick (PATRICK)
    Attend and Follow Orders?- Yessirrrrrr
    Current Rank- Head Colonel
    DCP FOREVER!! That infinity we did was pretty good for doing it without practice! Love my fam!

  22. toootsiiee
    yes, i only made it to the docks though
    4th in command :))

  23. 1. TTMOM01
    2. taycsdadancer
    3. Yes
    4. Lieutenant

  24. Roxinha678
    Lieutenant general

  25. 1.Wassim23
    3. yes we destroyed them!!
    4. Current rank is Lieutenant General

  26. 1.BunnyMei

  27. fewiviwwe
    Felipe uwu#6355
    Yes I did
    Doritos Private

  28. 1 Lizabird9803
    2 elizagamergirl
    3 yes I attended but my computer was too laggy to do some commands
    4 sargent

  29. 1. bluer matty
    2. thicc boba cat
    3.100% yes
    4. head general

  30. 1. bluer matty
    2. thicc boba cat
    3.100% yes
    4. head general

  31. avghal
    i don’t know my name isn’t on the list.. whatever the 1st one is

  32. GINGYBOI123
    warrant officer

  33. xVati
    xVati “M I L K” [Bee’s Favorite]

  34. Edward 2006
    Eddie Richardson
    My name isn’t on the ranks board

  35. ApoRaven

  36. 1. Micropunk
    2. MercyPHD
    3. Yes
    4. Colonel

  37. 1.TheYin

    (formerly Marty)

    3. Yes

    4. Sergeant

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