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DEFCON 1 – It’s time for WAR

Hello, Doritos!

Since our return 1 month ago we have maintained the number 1 spot on the list of top 10 armies, meaning we have been statistically the best army. Among other accomplishments, we have annihilated all armies we have faced. Epic101 recently brought back the DW and we showed up to the finale of the tournament with over 150 orange penguins flooding the rooms. We’ve build a community that is currently the best Club Penguin based Community on the internet. 

This makes other armies envious of our success. This is the part that they try to bring us down. 

top 10.png

In the image above, the two armies listed below us are declaring war on us. They want to take our spot as the number 1 army. We can’t let them bring us down. This is our chance to show how powerful we are as a family. Today both of these armies held an event where they battlee each other. Both forces combined got around 30 each which makes them a force of about 60 altogether. This means we already have the advantage but we must be on our A – Game. We can’t let them get the upper hand. Every inch counts. Together, as a family we will annihilate our enemies!


Fear The Shield 

-DCP Hcom 

5 Responses

  1. DCP FOREVER!!! We will go down in history and will prevail every time!!

  2. Obviously, the Dark Warriors & Ice Warriors are jealous of the amount of success our army has had in the past few weeks. Two armies that max about 60 combined are trying to declare war on us, we could have easily ignored them, as they’re not in our level, but lets just show them how its done here 🙂 Fam Forever

  3. Since I been with DCP since 2012 I have witnessed many wars and we always win them. I am sure we will win this one and prove that we are not bots, not bullies, not annoying and not noobs! Did I make that clear? I think I did and no I am not a noob either just have a unique personality! DCP Forever ❤ ~Moospie~

  4. Since I been in DCP since 2012 I witnessed many wars and we won them so I know we will win this one to prove we are not bots, not bullies, not annoying and not noobs! did I make that clear? I think I did. DCP Forever ~Moospie~

  5. We are going to crush them. They’re already one army shuffling around troops to boost particular people’s egos. They’re chat is dead 24/7. Rev up the Dorito war machine. Oil the hinges. I don’t think they’re going to enjoy this war. 😆

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