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Truth Be Thy Maker

I’ve recently been deemed unfit for CPAC’s heavy lifting and have hence been fired along with my CEO and good friend Zing King – But the post thrown out of proportion blows over the truth and only explicits the ideals that Zing King and I had full knowledge as to who was on what as well as purposely not preventing – when in fact during the current Defacement of CPAC both Zing and I were removed – The real reasoning behind it all wasn’t fully found out due to many round about and loopholes throughout this past week

While Joseph and others were pushing that they moved in from wotons account in reality they had moved in from my account – by using my export and same password connected account all posted in one of UMA’s private post – it was easyily connectible (this would explain DCP’s past deface along with the afterwards suspending of my backup UMA site) But sadly I looked the wrong way when trying to figure out what exactly happened- when in reality it was happening around me the whole time.

Regardless for my security fault or my trust in others being abused and smoked out, How can you blame ZingKing for simply standing by when that was all he could do in that situation – He was already off site along with nearly everyone else contributored (Including myself and nearly everyone in the staff) How can you throw shame at him and release a bogus scandal when he literally couldn’t do anything in that situation but kill time and wait to take the site back? Zing King got the restore files and all the other content and quickly sent it to me – where we both began the restoring progress – I in turned gave this to many other staff just in case the possibility that I was hence removed (which of course happened)

Zing’s case needs to be settled out by the people fairly and accurately. You can’t blame him for not eliminating the issue when he had no power to do so.

Regardless of myself and my situation – I tried my best to make amends and push back as much restoring as I could before being beheaded 2 nights ago for shit I OR MY CEO didn’t do. Mind you while the deface was going on I was posting Supply watch duty for hours on end. (I do work for a living ya’know)

Due to shitting events all information and emails relating to myself have been reset and fully secured – I have also removed my seeded information off of the UMA sites to ensure another jump on my account doesn’t happen again.

They waited for the perfect moment, then seized it right when the light peaked

~ Bam117

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