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Declaration Of War

Prior to the tournament, RPF had decided to declare war & bully our brother allies, ACP. This will not go unnoticed and it will not be tolerated. ACP have been there for us many times, and we will be there for them. RPF, upon losing the tournament, claims their loss was unfair and blames CPAC for their incompetence. Chip and the rest of RPF are sore losers, and don’t know when to admit defeat. RPF will claim we are cowards by joining the alliance against them, when they could’ve easily avoided this situation by not provoking an army who did nothing to them in the first place. Sorry RPF, but it looks like we’ll have to destroy you again!

DCP hereby declares war on the Rebel Penguin Federation. Tuxedo will be annexed Monday.


3 Responses

  1. Ok…I was just on RPF giving the gg and then I heard DCP declared war on RPF because we were allies of ACP all over on RPF chat. They are kind of sort of not really sore because funny enough nobody in CPAC told them in PM to ask to join again in Chip’s words.Funny enough they even asked me to join RPF again (which funny enough I am in the army for like 4 months before moving to DCP) But it is true for the ACP bullying part. It’s time to fear the shield and fight the better fight.

  2. im gay and I dont know what im talking about

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