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Bang Bang Doritos Gang

Hello there.

Before I get this post started, I’d just like to give a shoutout to big Musty, its about damn time bruh.

For a while I would think to myself if I could be as successful as I am capable of being in any army other than SWAT. And 99% of the time that would prove to be correct, but not today.

I am your new leader, Badboy. Many of you know me from my work with SWAT, and some of you may know me from other armies. I’ve been in DCP twice before this, back when this generation first started out almost a half a year ago. I caught a first glimpse at what it was like to kick a viking’s ass, and I gotta be honest, it was pretty fun. (Still peepin jesters memes tho)

Musta has given me a once in a life time opportunity to lead alongside him and others, and to help get this army back to where it should be; the top of CPA. Some say we were the army of 2015, and as of late we’ve been on somewhat of a slide. This matters not. We will regain our strength, and we will push back our enemies and regain all that was once lost. We will become #1 again and no one will stop us.

To this “new world order” alliance, you’re all a bunch of hypocrites. These army leaders claim they’ve all banded together to stop the very thing they all rightfully do themselves: multilogging. You claim this, you claim that, you throw accusations everywhere yet you fail to understand one thing; you all do it, you all continue to do it, and yet you have the nerve to blame innocent armies of committing this crime just solely based on the fact that they’re better than you. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but lets be honest this “alliance” of yours can’t even max 30 combined, and yet you feel so confident going up against an army who literally returns after being locked down for a week and gets 35+. GG

You want to fight us? Then fight us. We have no problem taking free servers and making you all look like the bunch of irrelevant morons that you are.

Here is the list of servers I will be hereby transferring to DCP from SWAT:




Half Pipe









Snow Fort

Ice Shelf

Cream Soda

Jack Frost



Belly Slide


Ice Rink




Northern Lights


Cold Front


Ice Berg

Polar Bear


Bunny Hill


Start posting invasions, Burr! Come at m8!!!!!!!

leger republiek zal verbranden schuim en sterven

~Bad, Doritos Leader

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