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Caught… AGAIN?!?!?

Hey there fellow comrades! Today we will be taking a closer look at the recent events hosted by SWAT. I find it funny how SWAT refuses any request for a practice battle (Too scared their penguins might log off!) and how none of the members on chat (All with “SWAT” in their name) never talk. My suspicions inspired me to make this post. Let’s take a look at the evidence. Click “Continue Reading” to watch SWAT’s corruption unravel before your eyes.



Invasion of Ice Rink (11/17/15)



13 + 11 = 24


31 on CP with 24 on chat?? What!?!?!?



Invasion of Snow Fort (11/13/15)



14 + 14 = 27


36 on CP with 27 on chat??? What!?!?!?



Invasion of Sleet (11/17/15)

Screenshot at Nov 17 19-49-25

As you can see from the picture above, a penguin named “Cows12347” takes  a picture which is used in the results post.


Private on ranks? A private is taking a picture? How come no leaders/owners were able to take a picture of the tactic? Hmm…

Screenshot at Nov 17 19-58-21

In the SAME event, a different penguin named “Stevey Guyy6” takes a picture which is used in the results post.


Oh, also a private on ranks. So I guess SWAT just relies on their active hard-working privates to take pics of all the tactics! I bet the leaders/owners just took poor quality pics and these recruits’ pics were much better. Yep, that must be it!



March on Mammoth (11/14/15)

Screenshot at Nov 17 20-12-32

Again, no leaders/owners took pics of the event? Oh no! Wait a sec- don’t worry- SWAT Colonel took pics of the event!! We’re saved<3

Screenshot at Nov 17 20-14-25

Not on ranks, how unfortunate. Also nice name by the way, very unique!



Invasion of Cream Soda (11/14/15)

Screenshot at Nov 17 20-16-16

Yet again, the picture is posted by a random penguin named “Myth135”.

Screenshot at Nov 17 20-21-09

Not on ranks… not surprising…. A penguin not on ranks taking pics for the event? Weird.



Invasion of Flurry (11/11/15)

Screenshot at Nov 17 20-24-32

I’m starting to think that something is preventing these leaders from taking pics. Lack of skill/knowledge or perhaps their computers are lagging so bad from having multiple CP tabs open at a time that they can’t snatch the pic in time.

Screenshot at Nov 17 20-32-01

In the SAME event, a different penguin, called “Willthepeng” took the picture. Weird, this penguin isn’t on ranks either.


Now I could go on and on and show you the same stuff for each event of this gen, but it’s getting too redundant. A good question to ask is why does every penguin have their CP on low resolution graphics? Do they all have bad computers that lag from one CP tab? Or perhaps one person who has multiple tabs on and has this setting on to reduce lag…

Now, on to the fun part.




And thus, I present to you…

Screenshot at Nov 17 21-08-37Screenshot at Nov 17 21-09-24

Screenshot at Nov 17 21-11-40

Screenshot at Nov 17 21-13-13

Screenshot at Nov 17 21-14-44

Screenshot at Nov 17 21-15-19

Screenshot at Nov 17 21-16-42

Screenshot at Nov 17 21-17-04

Screenshot at Nov 17 21-17-22

Screenshot at Nov 17 21-17-37

Screenshot at Nov 17 21-18-22

Screenshot at Nov 17 21-18-38

Screenshot at Nov 17 21-19-37

Screenshot at Nov 17 21-19-53

Oh and there’s plenty more, but I’ll spare you the snore. I can’t wait to see how SWAT responds to this one. (Oh by the way, I have a lot more of this evidence stuff so keep talking smack and see what happens.)



Talk shit, get hit(;

-Yo boi, Sprite

4 Responses

  1. What if these troops are new and aren’t on the ranks yet? And stampbooks don’t even count as proof, not everyone is interested in getting the achievements.

    • Just because they are not on ranks doesn’t mean that whatever Sprite said was true. But the most convincing was that the chat only has 28. I saw SWAT one time in an event when I was playing a normal day in CP and I went to SWAT’s place accidentally so I went in their mail and there’s only 26 on chat while in CP there’s 40!(37 to be exact)

  2. I think you made a typo…..14 + 14 = 28. Good evidence though :).

  3. […] (If you haven’t seen my SWAT Exposed post, click here.) […]

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