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About 14 years ago, the worst event in United States history happened. The Twin Towers (also known as the World Trade Centers) was hit by two planes. Less than an hour after being hit, the South Tower collapsed. About 1.7 hours after one of the planes hit the North Tower, it collapsed, leaving debris everywhere. 200 people fell to their deaths, which was probably the scariest thing people below must have witnessed.

At 9:40 A.M. the Pentagon was hit by a third hijacked plane. Around 125 people died at the Pentagon from the hit.

A fourth plane was hijacked and was heading for the White House, but it was brought down by the civilians in the plane in Pennsylvania. These civilians saved the White House from burning to the ground, and we should thank them for this. These are brave and true citizens of the United States.

I was almost 2 when this happened, but I’ve watched so many videos on it (and researched it a little), and I know EXACTLY what happened thanks to this. I still get angry from the thought of 9/11 even though I was too young to even remember it.

There was roughly 2,996 people who died in total on 9/11.

This only fueled America and made us angrier. Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden thought we would break down and mourn, but we only stood up strong and went to war with Al-Qaeda. Many troops joined our glorious army to fight for us in honor of the men and women who died in 9/11. Finally, in 2011, we found Osama Bin Laden and executed him for the cause of 9/11. Redemption was served.

Rest in Peace to all victims of 9/11, I hope you’re all in a better place now.

Never Forget.

-Agent 11 – Doritos Leader in Training

4 Responses

  1. RIP all of the 3000 people that went up to heaven this horrible day. We will love you. This should be a motivation for our ARMY!!!

  2. And just saying, after 2 years after the event, I was born. My grandparents died while visiting the twin towers.
    I will always love you my grandparents

  3. “About 14 years ago, the worst event in United States history happened” LOL

  4. I have way more respect for you for making this. Thank you and let’s all have a moment to honor those who died.

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