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Message to dw?

hey i noticed some dw guy attempted to accuse musta of going under different when infact every single person has been on in the past month lol.

And clearly toy wasn’t legend material or a true dcp if you didnt know who Crazyhightec was. (Check legends Page)

And i love how much shit dw talk after invading 3 SERVERS IN A WEEK (LOL) Remember dcp do not fear DW!


Ive currently been on vacation for the past 8 days! DW keeps talking trash but we all know toy is just trying to add ego points to his “CPA FIGHT RECORD” LOL

Ill be back soon ! CHEERS!

3 Responses

  1. You didn’t address the main point of DW’s post- the fact that DCP exaggerates their size yet doesn’t get penalized.

  2. Bam, take it easy on the ladies XD

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