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The Four Kings

Hello troops!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. Well, my reason for posting is to tell you all about the upcoming greatness that will grace the whole CP Army community. This new era of DCP will be the strongest that any army has ever seen. Under the leadership of Jester, Musta, Bam, and myself, the Doritos will become the new powerhouse of all armies. We will dominate anyone who opposes us, or the integrity of the community that we try to wholeheartedly preserve.

I’ve come and gone. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learned from those mistakes. I want to apologize to Mustapha and any other DCP troop who felt I wasn’t there for DCP when I should have been. My cowardice is no more, for I have been born a new man. I’ve gained new experiences and went through spiritual journeys to find the true path of righteousness. After spending some time thinking, I’ve learned DCP is my true path to righteousness.

This is my call to ALL members of this fine community; if you don’t like your current army, want to expand your interest, whatever it may be; Come find your new home in DCP. We’ll take good care of anyone who wants to help fight for justice. However, to the armies who want to try and oppose us; try it. Our power is absolute. We will not allow anyone who is against us to look down upon us.

The Four Kings have been awakened, and we plan to take this community by storm.

Lord West, Doritos of CP Leader & Legend

2 Responses

  1. Greatest post ever, lets make history fam

  2. But I thought there were five kings (Wary) Wwebestfan Alfrondo Bam Mustapha and then Arch though Lul

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