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In Regards To Suspicious Penguins

UPDATE: The penguins accused in this post HAVE NOT been present at any event since Bad’s removal. 

Hello Doritos,

Badboy was removed for multiple reasons. The main reason many continue to question is the multilogging accusations. I have a reasonable amount of factual information to conclude that Badboy was multilogging himself, or encouraging multilogging in DCP. There are 4 penguins in question that I am convinced are multilogs. These penguins are Mittenz026, Papajohns000, Tobas, and Thegamer659. All of these penguins showed up together at DCP’s last defense against RPF, better known as the defense of Adventure. Let’s get started with the most basic form of investigation, ID’s.




Yes, I’m aware, ID’s prove very little. But at the same time, how close each ID remains gives us an estimation of each penguin’s creation between the other penguins. Each ID holds a very close number to the ID next to it, making the penguins created within the same day or even multiple days. Another interesting thing is that NONE of these penguins filled out a join application, making them even more suspicious.


As seen above, none of the four “recruits” I mentioned have never made any sort of join comment. Again, someone can say that they came straight off CP onto DCP without making any sort of comment, but that simply seems unlikely, considering all of our REAL recruits have made join applications.

Another important thing in particular is that these names were NEVER added to the ranks, nor did I never see any of these people under a null on our chat, making them even more suspect. Given that we update the ranks consistently, their names should’ve been added almost immediately, especially if they were attending events.

Now, the main question many may have is, “How do you suppose these penguins were Badboy?”. To answer this, these penguins showed up very sporadically, hell, they weren’t even on the chat when I had noticed them on CP. Also, they all started showing up after the declaration of war on RPF, in other words, when Badboy was leading. I am also aware that it could’ve been anyone in the army. An argument to this is simple, the penguins completely vanished immediately after Badboy’s removal. Another thing is, they didn’t simply leave the army or follow Badboy to NW, but they disappeared. The following are pictures of every penguin accused at Bad’s last event.










All of these screenshots were taken from RPF’s video recording of the invasion of Adventure against DCP, proving these penguins to all be present at the same event. As for proof of these penguins no longer being present at current events, check our archived events post Bad’s coup.

All in all, through all of the gathered information seen above, I believe Bad was multilogging. It may have been very little, but Bad was either influencing the multilogging, or doing it himself, as these penguins NO LONGER attend events. Once again, this wasn’t the main reason to his removal, but multilogging or any form of suspicious cheating is not tolerated here at DCP, making his removal even more justified.


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