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Bon Voyage

Note, this post contains a minimum amount, but still some strong language. Viewer’s discretion is advised to any younger troops reading this.

There comes a time in every man’s life that he finishes a chapter in a book. When that time comes, he has to eventually turn that page and enter the next chapter. Well, ladies and germs, that time has called upon me. I’ve finished my adventures in the DCP chapters. It’s now time for me to turn that page, and dive into my next big adventure.

Recently, I had my 18th birthday. Saturday was to be my last time to ever attend a battle as a Dorito. Unfortunately, the final battle did not happen how I was highly hoping it would happen. However, after being surrounded by all of my fantastic troops, the family I have really come to know and love over the years, none of that really mattered to me. I soon realized the only important thing was being there with all of you.

Going back on track to what I was originally saying, the time has come for me to move on from the Holy Dorito Empire. The time I’ve spent here with all of you was some of the best times that I have ever had in this community. However, I have something bigger calling my name in this community. As loyal as I am to the Doritos, I feel mostly jaded while leading. This goes from logging in almost daily, to even some of those crazy accusations WV keep throwing down my throat. The typical events of being an army leader in this community have worn me down. So, in hopes of refreshing myself, I am no longer going to participate in the ranks of any army. I’ve always said that DCP would be the army I retire in. Well, this much is now true. I am making my final retirement in armies here in this great army that I came across back in 2012.

As for my career in CP Armies? I’ll continue that career through CPAC. I am a big fan of writing. I enjoy writing with much of my heart. This is my best opportunity I have to be able to write, and still have fun with something that has been a major part of my teenage years. I will also continue to advise the leaders of this army, seeing through until the very end that they make wise choices for the sake of this legendary army.

I don’t want to harp on my whole life story with armies. So I’m going to keep this post short and sweet until I retire from CPAC; a post which will be much, much larger than this one. However, I cannot leave without giving recognition to those who have held the most influence while I was in this army.

Firstly, my first recognition will be a group one. I honestly couldn’t decide who goes first between you lot of guys. Bam, Brad, Jester, Musta (alphabetical order don’t worry!) You 4 are literally my brothers. The main reason why I have even been in DCP this long is because of your 4 guys. Bam and Jester, my two best friends on xat. Our Skype conversations are the best; nothing can compare. Musta and Brad, we have this little trio it seems like. We always make each other die from laughter from all the dumb shit we do. I can not thank the both of you enough for helping with DCP as much as you guys have. The 5 of us honestly are the DCP Guardian Angles.

Before skipping to the next thank you, I want to apologize to Mustapha. Prior to this summer (which is the one we got along the most lmao) I gave you so much shit, and discredited you way too much in the past. All because I let a lot of pressure from DCP being backed against a wall get to my head. My brother, this is the best I can do for you to say sorry. So, I’m sorry.

Next up we have Wwe. The man who created this army, therefor making my leadership even possible. I have to thank you for being there for DCP a lot and for joining in on some of the Skype calls Bam, Jester, and I have. It’s still a shame that you had to head to IW. It would’ve been cool to retire while you were still leading with us.

Next up is Tay. She has been in DCP since summer of 2013. She literally just showed up out of no where, and now here she is, proud to be in DCP, as well as being mentioned in my post. I’m pretty sure she has even been to more events than I have at some point in time. But hey, who the hell is counting?! Tay, thank you for always being there for DCP no matter what state it was in.

Oh hey we can’t forget about 13yearoldnoob. One of my closer friends from armies, you don’t really see him around much anymore. Although I feel like he watched from the shadows. On the chance that he sees this, you’re one of my brothers man. You’re honestly funny as hell. I’ll see you around on Kik buddy.

Following that lad is another group of people. If you were around for the leadership, you might have known it as Kingeta. Kingdra and Meta. I doubt Kingdra actively checks DCP anymore, but Meta is still decently active in this community (I think?) Firstly, I still remember during my retirement after the DCP-Nacho war. (Victory was ours of course.) I honestly completely forgot to mention the two of you. I still can’t grasp how I forgot about that. Well this time, I’m showing you guys the appropriate praise. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for being there during that war. Without you guys being there with me to lead it at first, I don’t think DCP would’ve been nearly as successful in that war effort. During the early summer of 2014, you guys literally helped me to keep DCP together just enough until the leaders were all reunited.

And of course a huge shoutout to my homegirl Sydney. We only started talking a lot recently, but you are a great friend to talk to. (And funny as hell tbh.) Make sure you message me if you need anything.

Well guys, this is it. This may very well be one of the last time you see me addressing you all via DCP website. Hopefully I’ll start getting around to writing “War Times with West” posts to keep you all entertained. Signing out for one of the last times,

Lord West

CPA Central Executive Producer

Doritos of CP Legend

Former Shadow Troops Leader

Former Redemption Force Leader

Former UMA Leader

Former ACP 3ic

Former Dark Warriors 3ic

Former Ice Warriors 4ic

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  1. What. About. Me??

  2. RIP ;'(

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