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Retirement of Wwe

Hello troops,

Lately, I have been feeling somewhat empty. As some of you may of noticed, I have been way more inactive than usual. This is not due to back-to-school, but it’s mainly due to boredom and lost of interest.

Many people may think i’m retiring because I don’t care about DCP anymore, let me tell you that it is not true whatsoever. I have cared and will always care about the DCP. I’ve accomplished so much throughout the years since creating the DCP, leading them to many victories and tons of other accomplishments that i’m very proud of. Leading DCP has changed my life, and has not just improved myself as a army leader, but also myself in real life personality wise, all because of the great troops I have led since 2010.

For those who do not know, I joined Ice Warriors in May of 2009. They were my first army ever. If I have never joined IW under Iceyfeet1234’s leadership, who knows if DCP would have ever been created. I am retiring from DCP today, not armies. I am joining IW one last time. My mind seems like it’s what will fill my emptiness. Joining the first army ever joined and retiring permanently from them. DCP and IW used to be brother allies back in 2010-2012, and I plan to eventually restore that friendship, that’s one of the reasons i’m rejoining IW also.

Thank you DCP, you have always been great, loyal troops. And I hope you don’t think of this as betrayal, it’s simply just to put myself first for once, make myself happy. I’ll be remaining an Advisor in the DCP from now on.

I love you DCP, stay strong. Make me proud.


P.S. When I retire permanently from all armies, my official retirement post will be posted only on DCP website, respectively.

2 Responses

  1. I shall miss you Wwebestfan. I hope you restore the bond between Ice Warriors And Doritos of CP. Family forever, Wwe.

  2. Thank You Wwe, We Will Always Love You ❤

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