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Summit is home [DW OBLITERATED]

We faced DW/Nachos on Friday. We were only expecting to fight DW, so we didn’t bother logging on early because DW is a weak army compared to the Dorito Empire. Logging on late led to DW/Nachos working as a joint force to lock us out of the rooms we were logging on to. We tried getting a room to login to, but DW and Nachos kept following us. As a result, we got about 30 troops into the Forts (not DCP full force). The Nachos were in the forts and both of us combined filled up the room, again giving us lockouts. Summit had fallen.

We were surprised yet enraged, our capital hadn’t been captured in years. Nobody can amount to the Dorito Pride and Strength. In a single days notice, we relogged onto Summit to get it back from the Dark Side scum. True Doritos answered the call, gathering upwards of 60 on chat and outstanding numbers on Club Penguin. Meanwhile the Dark Side had their typical 30+ soldiers in their infamous circle jerk. Thus, we successfully took back our sacred Capital and of course obliterated the Dark Side.

Morale of the story: Don’t mess with DCP

 summit is ours1  summit is ours3 summit is ours4 summit is ours5 summit is ours6

Note: My laptop battery ran out and I only got 5 pictures from the first 10 minutes of the event. If you have any good pictures please send me them

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend

2 Responses

  1. Hey Mustard and crew, come check out the Stale Doritos News on what we think of those fuck bags trying to take us over! @ tsdnews.wordpress.com

  2. Hey, Musta, Fire, Ameirya and DCP family I’m still working on computer crash problem and I even know who it was because he is a DCP hacker and an old friend of mine and I swear revenge on him or I will kill myself from his cyber bulling and sending me computer virus smooth dumpling keep an eye out for him he is bad news! his real name is Chris and Chris I swear my revenge on you I hope to be back soon my DCP family Fear the Sheild! and stay strong!!! see u when I get back! ❤ love u DCP!

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