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White Out – Besieged! [Results]

Hello, Troops!

Today we have successfully defeated the Nachos on Klondike, since White Out was a 5 bar. We did amazing today, at this short notice invasion. Many troops attended, and our performance was outstanding. We definitely smacked the Nachos today. Great job, Doritos! Lets keep this up and we will force the Nachos to surrender. Family Forever!

 whiteout besieged2 whiteout besieged3 whiteout besieged4 whiteout besieged5 whiteout besieged6whiteout besieged7 whiteout besieged8 whiteout besieged9 whiteout besieged10 whiteout besieged11 whiteout besieged12 whiteout besieged13   whiteout besieged14whiteout besieged1

Fear The Shield

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