Doritos is hiring owners!

Hello Troops!

We would like to inform you all that Doritos of CP is hiring! We’re hiring hard working and dedicated 2ic’s and 3ic’s. This is a great opportunity for you guys since DCP is a legendary army and you can get a chance to get such a high rank in DCP! We are looking for extremely loyal troops, who knows how to autotype/recruit well and can be active. Continue reading

Weekly Events

Hello troops!

This week we have to bounce back in the Top 10 to become a Top 5 army like we formerly were. If all troops continue to attend events, then we will continue to grow. Recruiting is the key to success, Doritos. I’m throwing you all a bone as well. If we can maintain sizes of at least 20+ for all US events we have this week, there will be promotions and a game night next Sunday. Now that sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Let’s do it everyone!

Friday, October 31st

AUSIA PB against ACP

Server: Summit, Place: Town

1:00 pm UK

8:00 am EST

7:00 am CST

9:00 pm JST

5:30 pm IST

Continue reading

[READ] Active Count

So I’ve recently checked the ranks and there are wayyyyyyyy to many people. Its unorganized for the most part and difficult to know who is, and isn’t still active. So, we will be clearing the ranks on 10/31/14. If you do not want to be removed please comment your name and rank. Click Read More to view the current ranks or go to the ranks page.

*If Owner You Don’t Need To Worry About This* Continue reading

Welcome to the Doritos Army!

New Recruits — Welcome to the Doritos of CP!

To start your journey in this magnificent army, begin by making a join application on the Join Page. Then go to the Official Chat box of the Doritos to chat with other troops there!

We hope to see you there and welcome you to the army!  ;)


===> JOIN DORITOS <===

US PB against Golds Results: Victory

Hello Troops!

Today we had a US PB against Golds, which was a good battle. However, I’m not at all happy with our sizes. We really need to step up our autotyping/recruiting to max much more. We just maxed 12 and averaged 10 in this PB. Even though we won it, but still this isn’t a good size. DCP is known to max 30+ and we really need to reach those sizes soon.

Anyways, here are the pictures! Continue reading

UK PB vs ACP Results!

Greetings DCP!

Today we had a UK Practice Battle against ACP. We maxed 12 and averaged 10. It was a pretty close battle and we had some good average tactics.

Here are the pictures –  Continue reading

Unscheduled AUSIA Training Results

Hey DCP!

Today we had about 20+ on chat so we decided to have an unscheduled AUSIA training event. We maxed 15, averaged 13 and performed some good tactics. Good job guys!

Here are the pics –  Continue reading

US Training Results

Hello troops,

Today we logged into Summit for a quick training session. The size could’ve been better as we only maxed 15+. But, the tactics definitely make up for it as we had some pretty nice tactics. So all in all, a pretty good event today.

So, here are the pics -

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