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Friday, October 24th

AUSIA PB against ACP

Server: Summit, Place: Town

1:00 pm UK

8:00 am EST

7:00 am CST

9:00 pm JST

5:30 pm IST

US PB against Water Vikings

Server: Summit, Place: Town

8pm EST

7pm CST

6pm MST

5pm PST

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Welcome to the Doritos Army!

New Recruits — Welcome to the Doritos of CP!

To start your journey in this magnificent army, begin by making a join application on the Join Page. Then go to the Official Chat box of the Doritos to chat with other troops there!

We hope to see you there and welcome you to the army!  ;)


===> JOIN DORITOS <===

Internet is Down

Hey everyone, it’s West. The title says it all. This is only brief and I should return this weekend. Remember to login for battles and keep recruiting! If any one needs me, just ask Rish for my kik.

US PB against Golds Results

Hey DCP!

Today we had a US PB against Golds. Even wwe attended this battle and we were grateful that he was present there. We maxed 15 and averaged 12. We can do better guys. Let’s recruit harder!

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UK PB against Nachos Results

Hello Troops!

Today we had a UK PB against Nachos. We maxed 12 and averaged 8. It was a good battle, but we really need to recruit more and increase our sizes. I hope we succeed in maxing more in the upcoming events! But I must say, our tactics were great.

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PB with RPF

Note – I just made this since no one else was.

On Monday we did pretty good for our current sizes, ranging from 7 – 12, maxing about 13 or so. This may seem small for us, but I can promise you there are plans to restore DCP to its former glory. And now the pics! Continue reading

Back Once More (For Real This Time!)

Hey Guys! Sci here, as most of you know I recently returned to DCP. So far I have seen that sizes have dwindled since the last time I was on, BUT this is not a bad thing, I, along with many other DCP long-timers have seen much worse. Numbers have gone from an average of 5-10 to averages of 35+ in under a month before. Yes, as I’m now aware Musta has retired and stepped down, allowing West to take charge. This is just a transition, and things will pick up once again as they always do, I am sure of it. Also! Alf, one of the golden age leaders will be returning! Alf is a great leader who was known for his great leadership skills and the ability to make even the most hopeless situations better. I would just like to add that Alf does work now and has a social life so PLEASE DO NOT annoy him with comments such as “Where were you?”, “You’re a leader you should be more active”, etc. We all have our lives to live and no one can make every single event, and if you can?  Join a sports team or a club, and get out there, but still come to some battles. That is all for now, I look forward to the upcoming process of making DCP what it one was again. – Sci


Hey guys,

this is just a message to west so him and others from the administration don’t piss themselves -

west I removed you from the website because the only way to admin off my phone is to invite you to the site as an admin so I removed you and reinvited you and when you accept it you’ll be admin


UK Recruiting Event Results

Hey DCP!

Today we had our scheduled UK Recruiting Event, which was a huge success! We maxed 35 and averaged 30. Surprisingly, we were also welcomed by Thinkcode’s bots! LOL.

Here are the pics!  Continue reading


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